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N99/N3 cars/trucks N4/ N2002 cars N2003 cars - COT and GNS (NNS)
N2003 Trucks N2k3 Carsets and Mods

02-06 cars @ SummersBros.

02-03 RuRa

09 cars nnracing

fictionals Dukes
Elitepaintdesigns (
NNRacer list of locations to find COT cars
SBR (simcot, ssnetCOT, gns PWF).

MasGrafx (simcot, ssnet cot,  PWF gns)
SRD (bullring, ssnet cot and PWF GNS) 
rainbow (simcot, ssnet COT, GNS07, PWF,
RXB  ssnet mod cars
TRG 07 & 09 mod
Masgrfx (PWF)
rainbow (
CTS07 and PWF)
Elitepaintdesigns cts09
Carsets for Mods

Mods and Mod derivations
Dirt 55 Mod          
compiled 2000 WC carset            IZOD Carset for SRD NW mod                2011  NNS (GNS-PWF) carset
Canadian Tire Series (NW 2011 Mod)            NWS 2011 Mod (all 3 physics)           2010 and 2011 ACTs for LMPV2
For additional sites, or for cars of years past, go here .N2003

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NR2003 Carsets -new in blue; dead in red 
Templates for many of the more popular mods @ Wardog's


1970 cars for v1 and 2
supplement to the cars that come with the mod
temporary sg3     sg3racing
1980s-1993 Aerowar
- carsets not mods
1980:   1981 (by Bandit33)  mediafire
1982: 1024 at NNracing or megaupload or  rapidshare  (512) megaupld   512 rapidshare 
1983  NNRacing  CC#48's 1983 set is  here and here   
nnracing (mostly ind. d/l/s): - 1985  - 87 BGN - 87Cup  -1990  - 1991 - 1992 - 1993   
sg3racing  1984-86

2009 set(1)  2009 set(2)
Cup90 carsets CUP:  some 98 at nnracing      89-99 at Desmod    1994 set   2009 set  
BGN:    1991 BGN    1994 BGN  1995 BGN

1994 carset  in-game bodies- : 94(a) -94(b) - 94(c)
1995 carset  uses existing bodies  temporary sg3   sg3racing
95 CTS by CC48 few 96s here too -----------   NR2k3tracks d/l  (not sure if this is complete set) temporary sg3  sg3racing
96 CTS by CC48
another great set by CC#48     14 more at sg3racing NR2k3tracks d/l
1996 CUP
1997 cup
1991 BGNN
rioux mods 90 cup cts version (not sure physics makes a difference)
Short Track Sim
1997 BGN
1998 BGN
1998 cars   Nascarnet  just have to dig
1999 cup carset has individual cars-  temporary sg3    sg3racing
1999 BGN carset
no pit crews....... assume this for the default PWF mod???/
simracingdesign forum
2000 cup carset see Nascarnet for links to more of the cars for this year --  compiled set at  mediafire
temporary sg3   sg3racing
2000 BGN from TRG RuRa forum
2000 CTS nice set by CC48   -----------   NR2k3tracks d/l  (not sure if this is complete set) temporary sg3   sg3racing
2000 Featherlites carset for the Whelen modified mod racetrackgrafx
2001 cup carset   Masgrafx 30 ORacing full set
2002 cup carset   megaupload
2k2 bodies for cup - with a limited edition paint set see Sportsman mod below
2002 PWF CTS
by riviera71
2003 Cup and BGN TRG cars -- Cup  CUP  Cup  cup  BGN    Pitwagon  BGN lores   BGN hires
2004 Cup and BGN
Racing Groove's cars that were on their site 43 cars here  Cup    BGN supposedly 340 lo-res,
334 hi-res, and 239 hi-res compressed 
2005 TRG carset

2004 CTS from TRG and BMR
rapidshare 04  rapidshare 04
2006 BGN links to a lot of stuff -- I think a full set is at masgrafix and SBR.... Pits forum
2005 and 06 CTS
2007 CTS for 07 mod brakk61's
2005 BGN West by Maddog NNracer
2005 BGN East have to register for the forums - installs as a mod Sim Racing Design
2006 Busch East
temporary sg3   sg3racing
2007 Busch East
Short Track Sim
200x IROC see links below under mods
2007 COT carset Summers Bros. or MasGrafx FTSR
2008 CTS for 09 mod

2004-2006 ARCA set
using PWF BGN templates
2007 ARCA carsets rapidshare   RuRa forum
2008 ARCA set
115 cars from masgrafx  -- some at masgrafx as well
2009 ARCA set
63 cars from masgrafx   masgrafxmediafire
2011 ARCA
for masgrafx mod
2009 COT carset 49 daytona cars sim racing design
09 Maritime ProStock
no idea what this is......... appears to be Canadian?
2009 PWF trucks
104 truck schemes that ran the 2009 Camping World Series
2010 ARCA set
by Ben Aflen and company - fits any original car mod or any bgn physics mod
2010 K&N carset
for PWF GNS Mod.
2010 PWF PTA mod
by richard faldo
2010 Spears SRL
2010 Whelen and Whelen South
updated carset; old one replaced. This all new set features almost every car than ran the 2010 Whelen North and South.  NR2k3TRACKS
NCC07 bases
sim racing design
2007 FL late models for LVM2 Weaver's
ACT 91
91 ACT prostocks for the ASA90 mod
Short Track Sim
ACT 99
for Late Model V2
re-released  - hosted with permission of author and ShortTrackSim
ACT 07 carset  hosted with permission of author and ShortTrackSim nr2k3tracks
ACT 08 latemodel new england series carset  hosted with permission of author and ShortTrackSim nr2k3tracks
ACT 09
new year version of this series  hosted with permission of author nr2k3tracks
ACT 10
another year of ACT....... hosted with permission of author
ACT 11
for LMPV2
mediafire   shorttrackconnection
2008 CWS  Camping World East Series carset for Nationwide Mod at Racing Groove nnracing
Hooters 2006 northern and southern division carsets        individual cars at nnracing 
2008 HPC the northern and southern division in its last year as Hooters Short Track Sim
2008 Delaware Spdway for the LMV2 mod WKRT
ASA Late Models for LMV2 mod - car set by 51hoppe - was at short track central - more at blackwidow NR2k3tracks
Canadian Tire Series
for the SRD NW 2011 mod
Canadian equivalent to NASCAR - GNS physics - this was orig. at Quebec Racing N2k3tracks
CASCAR carsets
Nascar Canadian Tire Series    Ontario Sportsman Series 
2006 -2008 Outlaws for everal Canadian tracks
COT car list finder
updated Sept. 08
excel spreadsheet for 2008 Sprint Cup paint schemes per individual race and driver and where these can (or can't) be downloaded. Reference is made to several sites for both the NCC and  COT mod. It includes over info for over 1200 car downloads NNRacer
Delaware Spdwy
late model (05-07) and whelen (07) carset... not a mod...for Delaware Speedway's series WKRT
F1 Legends carset for OWR mod OW Racing
F1 for OWR07
F1 2009 cup cars an F1 paintscheme for cup cars for the ssnet cup mod savefile
Ferrari 330 carsets
RSC forum  - mirror zone
GTP and TPTCC FIA GT, ALMS and Lemans carsets dturman
GTP GRRL 2 carsets for GTP VR
GTP Sportscars a sportcar set for GTP 1.1
GTP WSC 70s paintset to look like WSC cars RSC forum&RSC forum
GTP grand am paint jobs grand am cars  -- additional files like mainbacks at nnracing   FBR
GTP IMSA CamelGT 1991 Camel GT carset --  links at RSC all dead - someone posted it here --> nr2k3tracks
Hobby Stock
85 cars in the dirt section for hobby stock mod
ISCRC fictional cup and bgn carsets - full sets 07, 08, 09
IROC  96-06 see mod list below as well  96   97  98  99  00  01  02  03  04  05  06 
readytowrestle asked me to host these
ontrack  may not be here anymore
IROC fictional 08 redbull scheme  mediafire     09 Monster Energy mediafire
IROC 31 2010 fictional
PWF IROC mod, 50 cars & drivers from lots of series worldwide Alos Mod version below   pits forum
IZOD Indy carset
for SRD 2011 NW mod
Nations Cup
for the IROC Z28 mod
racing grapfx
OWR 78  F1 for original owr mod
OWR CART 88 RSC forum  <-- link on forum may be dead NR2k3tracks
OWR 2K5  CHAMP, F1, and Indy carsets OW Racing
OWR 2k6 carset is at  Mike Peters smo (use bubba/bubba)
OWR 2k7
2007 Indy paints --- mike Peters  WJRL see last post on page 4 for new download link smo (use bubba/bubba) and here
OWR07 F1-88 set
just a few now, but more to come
OWR07 2010
by Linx#18  -- individual cars at nnracing set here at 2k3tracks 
also at mediafire
OWR 07 several yrs
04       05       06     07     08     09
links at left
Pro All Star Series aka PASS   northeast latemodel paints = not a mod Mod Squad for LMV1 maineracing for LMV2 shorttracksim
PASS North 07 2008 set available as well shorttrack sim
Rally cars for TPTCC site has cars on about 4 pages...... just have to keep scrolling dturman
Snowball Derby 2008 ASA modifieds shorttrack sim
Sports Carsets sports teams paint sets for mods (NHL, NFL, MLB, etc)  Masgrafx   -weds 
Clebrown's (CTS)  -   blackwidow
nhl for COT-
NHL 94-95  cup90
WKRT late models (LMV2), Whelens, and Sat. Night Stockcar (SNSC mod) WKRT
ARCA-USAC-IMCA for GN70 2.5 mod -- read about Cup here  CTS here Cup   CTS

MODS and UPDATES TO MODS  new in blue; dead in red

Basic 4 in game physics swaps with main mods

BGN with CTS bgn with cts physics - N2k3tracks
CTS with Cup a mod made of NLF painted trucks with Cup physics N2k3tracks
CTS with GNS trucks with Busch physics Bullring
CTS with PTA CTS  with PTA physics and 6 gears  (download is 6-speed trucks) -N2k3tracks
Cup with CTS many say CTS feels better; here is Cup with CTS physics -N2k3tracks
Cup88 aero88 mod with cup physics High Octane
Cup with PTA want more gears in cup?  called Sports mod on download page realracin
LMV2 to CTS LMV2 (BGN) to CTS High Octane
Trans Am to CTS PWF's PTA with CTS physics - fixes ride height too supposedly  N2k3tracks
Trans Am to Cup Trans AM to Cup physics, I think.  Maybe other way around realracin
TPTCC to CTS Pits mod with CTS physics-fixes ride height -N2k3tracks
COT with CTS Simodified COT with CTS physics Nisbet  Rura Forum
 COT with CTS version 1.4  dead link -->  om3garacing  ssnet forum rapidshare   hobo
COT with BGN ssnet version 1.4 with bgn physics   rapidshare
GTP to Cup
   GTP with cup
GTP and GTN to PTA

Whelen to CTS cts based version of Whelen (bgn based) mod - in other words, SK Modifieds simodified


NR2005 updates N2k3 to N2k5 standards   NR2005    NR2005
NR2006 beta updated car bodies etc - Sim Racing Design
NR2007 sorta like NR2005  NR2007    NR2007
 NR2007 (reg req)
ACT late models street stock car set for 2006 Bullring
AD67 sports cars ca. 1967 -with templates and car viewer ThePits  Hungarian
Aero88 1988 Winston Cup - CTS physics - templates and hi and low res cars too  ThePits 
smo (use bubba/bubba)
ARCA  GNS physics  MasGrafx
Days of Thunder 
English version of Nascar - GNS physics SCSA
ASA original with N4 bodies - won't work online mainracing
ASA 2004 ASA - uses CTS physics   smo (use bubba/bubba)
ASA90 available in GNS and CTS physics  cars at blackwidow desmodracing 
ASA Open Wheel updated version of the IMCA modified mod -- racing grapfx with one model.   Finalized and updated by King DA and the Bullring bunch     bullring
ASRG V8 mod Aussie stock car series uses pta physics  get extra skins here     Aussie Summer - Snoopy's - Hungarian 
Big Boy (lo's) Oui mod for kids-by request - 50 hp, 3 gears, lot of grip, 800 kgs here  
Big Block 358 Mod
the big boy modifieds
BGN (GNS) PWF's first mod - 2004 BGN cars using in-game bgn physics -some have lo and hi res; some just hires --list of places to get PWF at NCRacers smo (use bubba/bubba) MasGrafx
Brazilian Mod Brazilian stock cars (Mitsubishi, Chevy, Peugeot, VW)  mediafire
BTCC  sporty cars  N2k3tracks  
BTR  Bronte Topless Racing -- beta - pacecars as race cars -  no modified exe in this d/l 
     nocd that fixes PTA ride height           templates here
BTR revised
reworked, new look, lots of bug fixes
nr2k3tracks forum
08 CWS
Camping World Series mod and carset - uses TRG Nationwide mod?   registration required --> Camping World Series
CASCAR 05-06 Super Series and Sportsman series - BGN WKRT
Champ car module track.ini's and setups for OWR mod champ cars  CCWScarset here
COT by rock n roll Racing RocknRoll
COT by 
OLR reg. reqd  SRD
by Simodified/ Dan Nisbit   NNC and CTS physics; no cars in d/l  - 07 set @  SBR Nisbet  --
smo (use bubba/bubba)
COT beta by Rock-nRoll -- may not even still be available since final is out Pits forum  -- 
COT NSCS10 wing
and spoiler versions
new models done by omega and riouxmods   temp link at Omega desmodracing  racing grapfx  
COT Sprint Cup mod's updated version by bullring crew, jjohnson, kingda, Jerry Lepage
COT Sprint 2011
comes with Daytona paints...  brand new bullring mod; contributors include EPD, SBR,  SRD
CTS PWF's best mod - some have lo and hires; most other are hires--list of places to get PWF stuff at NCRacers smo (use bubba/bubba)  & MasGrafx
CTS 07 new models to match the new look of the trucks           shadowfix for 4shared link -->
 smo (use bubba/bubba) 
CTS 09 all new bodies full paint set at TRG      version 1.2 at Omega  need v1 or 1.1 to update Omega  desmodracing
smo (use bubba/bubba)
Cup 90 - BGN and CTS physics available - see carsets above for those available   desmodracing 
new mod for cup for this year by Denis Rioux, sb70, et al.
Dash mod based on the old DASH series...... bgn I think   mediafire
Dirt Modifieds
ASA Open Wheel mod listed above,  contributions by King DA and the Bullring bunch bullring
Dirt 55
4 models
DTM  Mustang TPTCC to make 22 car 2003 DTM roster. mediafire  skins for cars
Econo Mod Iroc/PTA based concept of what the Busch cars might become nascardon
Economy St. Stock 88 mod with GNS physics --d/l includes special version of Wake County track
Elite Series Cup/GNS bodies with CTS physics   see SW Tour below
Featherlite Modified  physics only - by Gangrel and Venom-- makes a mod, but no cars file  mod 
Ferrari 330 v1.1 two versions - open and closed top-no damage yet          Hungarian  -  BDR and dei
FIA GT 2005  uses PWF trans am to create car set for FIA GT   Mirror Zone
Fujita mod an IROC based mod mediafire
GN63 mod
Pontiac, Ford, Chevy, Dodge  deltasimracing
GN70 v1 >and v2 >v1 @Pits   new version 2 by Rioux et al with damage etc.    smo (use bubba/bubba) Pits --
GN70 v2.5 all new version; better fps, more detail racing grapfx
& GN70ST
all new update to the GN70v2.5...... 69 short track and 70 speedway   desmodracing
GNS 07 new models for BGN -- superspeedway's NNC  mod with gns physics  RacingGroove  -
GTP v1.0 the orig. filedropper
GTP v1.1 v1.1 available -- old stuff moves - use this util to help install ---  nocd will help TR  - C3's - gamershell - dei
GrandAm for GTP
grand am cars (like run the daytona rolex) - you need to swap to pta physics (see here) nnracing   FBR
Hobby Stocks more what you see at your local short track Bullring forum
Hooters USAR BGN physics, new tires, dash, full paint setmasgrafx may be paint on existing bodies - see carsets above for 2006 set Pitstop &Masgrafx
Hornet mod 4 cyl cars based off the Rally mod Bullring
IMCA Modifieds  alpha-- templates and modeler files too ...... here colbyjack - hobo and dei
INL-LMS modified LMPv2; CTS physics, new cockpit, comes with hires carset, soundpack & tracks worldracing (russian site)
IROC PWF mod..... comes with track.ini edits for equal racing - some have hi res and low res;
most other are hi res list of PWF offerings at NCRacers -- 06 - 06 - 05 - 1973 - 1998
- & MasGrafx

IROC Z28 1984 to 1989 carsets included desmodracing
IROC 31 2010 fictional
PWF mod, 50 cars and international drivers  - cup physics
pits forum 
Late Model V2  v1 beta here, here, and here was good; this one is getting raves for being better   nr2k3tracks
smo (use bubba/bubba)  - EFR
Late Model 90 camaros, firebirds, grand prix, thunderbirds  CTS    desmodracing
LateModel  beta physics, no models-  Late Model  -
N4&N2k2 to 2k3 N4 and N2k2 car bodies moved to N2k3 nascarfan15
the new bgn (ssnet body) supported by TRG        
filefactory  OLR reg. reqd
 see this RuRa thread    smo
NCC 07 beta new models for Nextel Cup  - TSC
Nationwide Mod
2011 mod by Sim Racing Design
NFL, NBA, NHL MBA etc for OWR, Cup, CTS etc -- see "Sports Mods" up in car section
Open Wheel v1
still beta....... IRL substitute - PTA physics   smo   fsb
Open Wheel v1.1

OWR2005 new version of the one above  here - BDR 
OWR 2006 direct download link...... replaced by owr07 below onlineracing
 smo (use bubba/bubba)
OWR 2007
see lists of cars above for indy paints - installs as a mod  -  openspeedway Pits forum
smo (use bubba/bubba)
OpenWheel SprintCar  this is pta version -dei -           might try this too - nocd -  
Oui Oui(Lo's mod) kiddie mod with low hp here  
Outlaw Late Models this is one HECK of fun mod BGN and CTS    desmodracing
ProStock Drag never came out...... Sparkster never finished it.  Very early alpha/beta PS_DR 
PWF mods  hi and low res mods, patches, etc MasGrafx- RSN- list of other placesNCRacers
Rally Mod
Impreza, Fous, Subaru, and other car types.  Versions come with all 4 in-game physics   additional painting files here   sound pack here kingda @ nr2k3tracks
Sat. Night Stock Car Chevelles, Camaros, Mustangs, and Cudas -  all new models CTS physics smo (use bubba/bubba) -
Sat. Night Shootout  Latemodel + BGN Physics +30 cars   insomniac
SCSA  2005; European follow up to ASCAR, or their version of Nascar 450 hp cars  SCSA
SK modifieds CTS physics for whelen mod simmodified 
Sportsman N2002 bodies; special paints --   Bullring    
Sprint Cup Mod
by the Bullring crew, jjohnson, kingda, Jerry Lepage = final v 1.04 mod  paint by EPD
Super Sprint cars winged sprints - OWSC in bgn physics    OSW -
 smo (use bubba/bubba)
SW Tour Series latemodels using CTS physics to sim Autozone Southwest Tour Sim Elite  hobo
Street Stock aero88 bodies? bgn physics, new templates     insomniac woodruff  OLR reg. reqd
Street Stock Open open front street stocks - buick only craigschmidt
Super88 not sure.....  says its based on cts
Super Late Models Late model mod with PTA physics Weaver's
Trans Am PWF's version using PTA physics - .See NCRacers for more places  MasGrafx
TPTCC Pits version using PTA physics (also@TeamHardcore) ThePits
TRAC mod based on the failed team series using Mustangs,Vettes,Vipers -- BGN physics  Mirror Zone  -Repeat Offenders
TVC Dirt Series Street Stocks Vol.2 Based on the 2004 Super Stock series88 Bodies, BGN physics gives slippery lighter feel  
TVC Trucks Dirt Trucks on BGN physics for slippery feel on dirt tracks insomniac  masgrfx   
USAR Hooters BGN physics, new tires, dash, new paints Pitstop   smo
V8 A class fictional; PTA physics insomniac
V8 B class TA physics and CTS bodies insomniac
V8 C class TA physics on BGN bodies? insomniac
V-8 Indy Car
concept indycars - PTA/CUP physics switch - ride height fixed,
Whelen Modifieds bgn based mod           CTS version too...... see SK modifieds  smo (use bubba/bubba) simmodified   - TSC (beta)

Nascar2003 cars

CP Designs
2011 Nationwide set for BR2011 mod
CupCars.Org ~2003: WC and BGN~Fictionals (w/ and w/o numbers), Templates,Addons
Clebrown's TPTCC, fictional CTS, 88 mod, GTP, 2005 IROC 
daleydesigns mixed selection of cars from past years' various racing organizations
cars, bases, logos, contingencies
Deathrides fictionals and requests
EFR fictional paints, templates, logo, decals and other paint tools
Elite Paint Design broad range of cars for various mods
FBR Motorsports wide selection of real and fictionals for most mods setups, huge carswap page
Front Row 2007 cars
Full Throttle Racing COT carset for Dan Nesbit version of the mod
Haywire Racing custom paint
Johnson Design mostly 2k2 cars, will do N2k3 and N4
MasGrafxRacing ~2003-2006: NC, BGN, ARCA, CTS, etc setsall started.~Fictionals ~IROC Cars~Dashes and cockpit addons for NC, BGN, CTS, IROC, PTA and TPTCC~Templates, fonts, logos, numbers, car layers, contingencies, signatures, pitcrew temp, wheels, template addons - ~3ds Max: models and pre-made scenes~Utilities 
Mayo Racing wide selection
Midnight Racing
Paints for Rioux NSCS10 (wing and spoiler)  two links  here and here
Milano Designs
OWR07 paintsite
Mod Squad Pro All Star Series (northeast latemodels)
NNRacing formerly Alex Nascarnet ~Community upload site with tons ofNR2003files
Nascarsimworld wide variety of cars from a big group of painters 
No Brakes 73 IROC, fictionals, templates for Aero88, COT, and CTS
ORacing now simracingdesign  2005-2006NCS, BGN, BGNN cars and CTS trucks
base paints, logos, few fictionals, few historicals 
Outlaw Paintshops all kinds of cars and templates for all kinds of mods; especially simthunder mods
Paintdesign new site with rF and N2k3 paints.  has COT cars, Nextels, CTS, and Whelens
racing grapfx NR2003 Paint Schemes, Templates, 3DS Max Render Scenes, featuring SimThunder mods
RacingGroove supposed to be coming back
Race Car Central broad selection of Cup, CTS, Aero, and other series cars
Reid Racing 2005 cup, few CTS, 81 Aero88 cars
RycheDesigns ~Fictional and no-numbers for NC, WC, BGN, CTS, PTA, TPTCC,andOW
07, 09, 10 for Sprint Cup and 2010 Nationwide mods cars
sg3racing several carsets for several of the mods
Short Track Connection
ASA Midwest, PASS South, ARCA, Old School ASA, Winston Cup. CRA, ASA Midwest.  Other mods like Aero88 and GN63. Also do cars for the lmpv3 and dirt mods.
Short Track Sim tons of Late models and other things..... nice ASA late model set
Sim Racing Paint
cars for most N2k3 mods as well as rF
SoutheastMich. some fictional and real
SRHMotorsports SITE CLOSED 2004 sets available for NC, BGN, BuschNorth,andCTS
Summers Bros. ~2004-2006:NC, BGN, CTS~Alternates, Historicals, Dashes, cockpit files,paint layers,addons, logos, contingencies, wheels and CF backgrounds, Z-Mod files, Latemodels, Aero88 cars 
Teamlightspeed  NC and BGN templates ~Metallic layers for all 4 makes, ~Hauler template,~PaceCar template
United Racing Design
all in a forum you must register for
Wardog's templates for all the mods 
Weaver's FL late model carsets - wide 5 rims, and American Racer tires