NASCAR 2002-2003 Tracklist

November 16, 2011

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There weren't a lot of N2k2 tracks made.  Since the game only lasted a year, most were day/night, plate/no-plate, or dirt conversions. 
They are identified generically below.  If you go to NNRacing, and do a search for N2k2 tracks, there are about 6 pages of downloads; mostly track edits.    Other tracks that I know exist are listed on the appropriate tracklist here.  Anything specific to N2k2 is identified in the date column. N2k2 add-on tracks work in 2k3. Add sky.3do from the "shared.dat".  If using OGL, add the shared.dat version of horiz.3do or a horiz.3do from a 2k2 night track.  Some tracks need additional files to fix the sunglare: c_environ.mip and s_environ.mip. 
Track Editors and Site Owners: This list is only as good as the info I get. Contact me @ steve*b
There are numerous links on these lists that take you to Filefront; they probably no longer work.
All  dirt tracks are located on a separate list; a direct link to the page is included beside any dirt track listing
Short Tracks
(< 1 mile)
(1.0 mile or more)
Annual edits, graphic updates, track edits, converter
There may or may not be links on the lists, if there is a link here
Lisbon dirt
Riverside Spdwy NH
Martinsville 11
Autodrome Chaudiere
Winchester final D & N
Rochester  dirt
Bristol Night 2011

Milwaukee Dirt  dirt
Bristol Day 11 - d3d fixed

Lucas Offroad Vegas
Stunt track (demo) here
Devils Bowl
Moose River
Williams Grove 2011 dirt
Bristol 91 night v1.1
Clayton dirt

Mesa night
Manhatten Stadium
Colorado Springs
USA 2008

Jan - February 2011
Spud Speedway Night
Piqua Speedway
Bridgewater dirt
Syracuse dirt
Flemington dirt
Lowes dirt dirt
King County dirt
DTA Lowes 2011 dirt
Tally no-wall repaved

Jan - Oct
Kentucky 2011v2
Homestead 96
Tally 97
Atlanta Eyjix ed.
Zen Joltis 2011
Darlington 11 (SBP08 update)
Cake Tin relisted
Pocono 2011

Edenvale Airport
Black Hills Backroads WCR
Trois Rivieres 2011

April - Oct
WG 2011
Ranier 7-in-1 - d3d fix
Joshua Tree

Carmen Park relisted
Highroad relisted
Supercell relisted
Croft Club Circuit relisted
Suzuka East

Tracks for specific mods here

Track Edits and Goof Tracks

Banks, jumps, dragstrips, figure 8s, etc.

Rally tracks for CORR truck or rally mods here

N2k2 track updates: 
09 Vegas, 09 Homestead, 08 Daytona, 08 Bristol

Atlanta, Bristol (2 versions), Calif (D&N)., Chicagoland (not at dei), Darlington, Daytona(D&N)), Dover Homestead, Indy, Infineon, Kansas, Lowes(shootout too), Marty, Mich., Pocono, Phoenix, TX,  Tally, WG
some or all also at AKMracing \\ dei-racing

SBP (SAFER BARRIER PROJECT) SAFER all are also at  dei-racing and some are at AKMracing & TSC  some olders one at -  ECMSRL & okrsim-& RuRa

Atl., Bristol, Calif, Daytona, Darlington, Dover, LV, Lowes, Marty, Michigan, Louden, Phoenix, Richmond, Rock, Tally, Tally BR, TX, WG06

sunoco/nextel patches several tracks @ hobo  insomniac
05 and 06 gfx & Nextel patches  SuperspeedwayBullring

BR and SF tracks: 
Repeat Offenders   OSW  c3's  -gforcesimraing

Ironhardt No-PWF patches: 11 megs --  includes fixes for:
Dover, Evergreen, Greenville/Spartenburg, Hillside, Homestead, IRP, I-70, Mansfield, Mesa, Milwaukee, Nash, Thompson, WG long.

Papy to N2k3 converter is free at The Pits  
All the conversions are at dei-racing
ICR2/CARTAustralia, Detroit, Elkart, Laguna, Long Bch, Mid-Ohio, Portland, Rd Amer, Toronto, Vancouver
GPL Kyalami,  Mexico,  MonacoMonzaMosport,  Nberg, Rouen, Spa,  W.Glen, Zandvoort
N2/N99/N3/NL  Evergreen, Gateway, Greenville, Heartland, HickoryI-70, Louisville, Memphis, Mesa,  Milwaukee, Myrtle, Naz, N.Wilkes, Ontario, Pikes Peak, Riverside, Thomp.
some N99 tracks don't work as well as N3 for AI. 

Tracks for specific mods:  
Aero88 tracks:  see tracklists as appropriate
Atlanta 97, Bristol 90, Bristol91, Charlotte 90, Darlington83 and 85, Darlington98,Daytona88, Dover90, Mich. 90, Ontario, Pocono90, Richmond 90, Tally80, Tally87, WGboot91, Riverside1970
1970s mod tracks:
 NSRS - Repeat Offenders  & dei-racing plus see tracklists
Atlanta70, Augusta 69, Beltsville70, Bristol70, Charlotte70, Columbia (dirt), Darlington70, Daytona70, Daytona RC 70, Dover70, Greenville, Hickory70, Langley70, Marty 70, Michigan70, Nashville70, NC Fairgrounds (dirt), N. Wilkes70, Ontario, Riverside70,  Richmond Fgds., Rockingham70, Savannah, Sobo70, Tally 70, Tally70-80,Thompson 70,Trenton, West VA (Ona)
Whelen Modified tracks:  Simodified  Bullring Jennerstown, Marty, Thompson, Sobo, Minn St. Fair, Bristol, Bullrings, New Smyrna, All-Star, Spencer, Bowman, and others.
phoenix modified here
GTP Track ini's: See GTP row of Road tracklist.  Links to ini "patch" are in the comment section for specific track.
Basic addon files to make any track work for the mod found here .
OWR Tracks: install comes with modified ini's for 8 tracks. See speedway and roadcourse tracklist at OWR for more.
Cup 90 track texture edits:   Dayonta, Marty, NC, Tally, Phoenix,


Nascar 2002-2003 Banked, Plate/NoPlate, Night

Banked Bumpdraftin Michigan w&w/o plates,Indy w/plate,  Tornado  Calif bank
dei-racing = large number of them
NNRacer N2k2 and N2k3 do specific searches...... their search engine isn't pulling all they have.
 Mr. NormsBristol, Darlington,Marty, many more
racenut vegas
ssaamm   banked Calif., Chicagoland09, LV09, Marty09,  Richmond, Phoenix09,
Plate - No Plate reversals BumpdraftinMich.,T3,EightBowl, Daytona (d&n), Tally, N4 ZenJoltis,Supercell  Mr. Norms  Daytona,8Bowl, TonaJump, Tally, many more
RSN BDRTally and Tona
NNRacer  do specific searches...... their search engine doesn't always pull all the things they have.   There are several for N2k2 as well.
DAY/NIGHT swaps 2k3: see tracklist for many that have now become night races like Texas, Homestead,etc NNRacing:  All the default papy tracks have a night version including a bristol dirt and a pepi..
Jump/Hill/Valley tracks Mr. Normsracenut  --  OSW
Stunt Track
Daytona Night Bump  here
-dei-racing = large number of them
NNRacer  do specific searches for things like "jump", or "hump"...... their search engine isn't pulling all the things they have.
Mr. Norms  racenut  CamelHump,DegaCoaster, Tona Jump np, Dover jump, Mich. Valley, WG bump, TallyValley, Daytona Hill,IndyWave, Lowes N. jump, many many more
Demo Derbies Fig. 8s Bone Crusher - Fig 8 w/jumps
NC Speeddrone  deltasimracing update to Raleigh
Maybe8'sFigure  Maybe8s
 Fasturd Fig8
Destruction arena  figurer8  stunt
 Mission Demo Derby here  racenut  and here
See Short Tracks page for more figure 8s
Drag Strips twister Dragstrip
OSWAODDemo, Mr. Norms Stunttrack
RaceTrack Central  Mirage and Piggz Dragstrips NNRacer  dragStrip, Dragway, Stage1Rally
Rally Tracks
Sheffield Gravel Rally
Island Red Gravel Rally
Nuburg Gravel Rally
CORR Quarry Rally (Stunt Track)
Mt Panarama Sandblast Rally
Baja 1000 Rally (6-Road-Lakeside)
Baja 500
Dakar Desert Rally (Autumn Hills Rally)
Dakar Mountain Rally (Beer Gut)
Dakar Valley Rally (Spa-GTP)
Dakar River Crossing Rally (Bass Lake)
Dakar Open Plains Rally (Sandy Flats)
Dakar Opening and Final Stages
Le Cote De Mont Vert (hillclimb type track)


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