NASCAR 2003 Resources and Utilities
The Pits and  Blackhole
 two good sites with tons of track editing tools and tutorials
another great links site
If its out there, he's got a link to it. Leagues,tracks, track addons, track utils, car sites, util links,painting and editing, tachs, grilles, gauges, templates, decals....... you get the idea.  
1201 patch and patch fix
- C3's Sim Garage -- HSW -- RRinc  -  OLR  - twister --  FSB   SRD
NR2k2 patches
-- shaggy
Apple MAC stuff
RLRL (now macsimracing)   1.2.8 patch and other stuff  here
N2k3 vs Vista
OLR tutorial
N2k3 CD generic CD key
posted at RSC
Now that sierra servers are down, is there any point to having unique cd-keys as opposed to the generic RAB2-RAB2-RAB2-RAB2-8869 given out by Vivendi for users that lost their cd-keys? (The RAB2 key allowed install, but not logging into Sierra server).
No CDs
n2k3 multiplayer (this requires 2 exe's and a batch file to run) - C3s - shaggy - snr2  
\ offline only @ GCW  HSW - twister    -  RRinc
gtp1.1 nocd  badongo                   no cd for Vista here
NR2k3 Logo Remover
want that NASCAR 2003 Season logo gone from your main splash screen?  here    here   and    here
Raceline Central lots of general and specific tools and utilities - all N2k3 stuff sorted onto one page
insomniac  replay analyzer, nrstretch, carviewer, end it all, nextel/sunoco updates, ventrillo, GPL camera master
hobo End it all - Ventrillo,
C3's Sim Garage
more stuff here than I can list - utils such as NR Stretch, NR Tweak, cam hack, racelist, teamspeak sandbox etc.  Also check out other menus for things like tracks, mods, 1201 patch, no cd, etc
Entropy Storm Racing Downloadable season schedules including Sprint/Nextel/Winston Cup, Busch Grand National, Craftsman Truck Series, and more
util to swap tracks, sounds, carsets etc for various mods, etc.
tool to pack your new track from sandbox that was originally on this site 
 you'll need to edit the ini's in this download to match your personal file and folder structures. 
server software
End it all
Original version:  CCS   also at  nnracing (search File types for Utilities) twister - cupcars -  Bumpdraftin --
Version 2:    PCMedix  --  PC Magazine (must subscribe now)--twister -woodruff  = cupcarshobo
Graphics Tweaking Instructions

NR Graphic Tweaker Utility

Auto Graphic Tweaker Calculator
adjustments to make the gfx look good for various gfx cards --  One very common configuration listed in this guide (and all the other copies on the net) is WRONG; it has one too many numbers in it. It says a 128 meg card running 16-bit at 1280x960= 1246387328.  It should be 124387328  (no 6).

Or do the math yourself for your card:  ( Mb of video ram) x (1048576) - ( 4 x Screen Width) x ( Screen Height) x (Bits Per Pixel), use (2) for 16bit or (4) for 32bit color.
Lap Speed Converter
twister  - - shaggy -- zone15 (same as shaggys)
Task Power
another program like End it all....... but even more powerful
camera editor
easy util to adjust cams
save game editor
allows you to move the field around after qualifying
Car Physics Converter
 Converts cup to bgn or cts or pta, or any ofthe others to cup, etc.
Momo setup guide
this is the one done by Chad Sparks...... I don't agree with any of the settings but its a good start.
a tool to adjust car ratings to real seasons
monitor races in windows; join a race by double clicking  -- kinda useless now I guess
The Pit Wall
site with several utilities - chassis changers  NRCompanion etc
Rathbone's Pt. Calculator
newest versions - for 2002 and 2003
a nifty tool to examine your line andfind some speed
Setup Guide
I live by the Pits QuickFix Guide but this highly detailed instructional tells you how and why as well.
very comprehensive gfx updates, AI fixes and improvements for default tracks
absolutely the best, most versatile tool for extracting dats, working with files etc  backup location for d/l